WIN Academy

Offers bespoke training in-house as well as training of trainers programmes for media and media industry associations. Our expertise is drawn from more than a decade of partnering media organizations and their staff – from C-suite through to the newsroom –  to increase equality in the sector. During this time we have  designed and delivered thousands of trainings, peer-mentoring and coaching sessions to media media professionals in more than 18 countries throughout Africa, the Arab Region and Southeast Asia.

We emphasize practical and culturally sensitive solutions to manage and eradicate sexual harassment, promote gender balanced and inclusive content, build an organisational culture that embraces equality, and embrace digital transformation. We also offer individual executive and career coaching. (For more on our media management and leadership development programme for high potential journalists, the WIN Leadership Accelerator, please click here)

Our Expertise

Managing Sexual Harassment

We provide in-house training for media managers and newsroom staff on how to manage and reduce sexual harassment to create safer, more equitable environments for staff members. Our bespoke coaching, online training and (currently virtual) workshops are supported by best-in-class resources, including toolkits, which includes a practical handbook, policy and communications templates, an anonymous survey, and more.

Gender Balance in Content

We help media and journalists improve gender balance in content through practical workshops designed for newsroom managers as well as newsroom staff. WIN best-in-class tools to improve gender balance such as the WIN gender balance tracker and the WIN Gender Balance Microsite are shared throughout the in-house training and coaching.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In order to become inclusive leaders, we must first understand the nuances of diversity categories, beginning with definitions and terminology and moving on to dismantling the negative effect of unconscious bias. Our bespoke training on how to build diverse and inclusive organisations equips managers with the foundations of Gender Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (GEDI) in a practical, culturally sensitive format.

Managing Digital Transformation

We have developed a unique exclusively online foundational training programme to help media professionals in any role understand the impact of digital on the news media industry, and how to become drivers of change within their media. Digital ABC is specifically designed for media operating in emerging and transitional contexts.


We offer executive coaching for C-suite/senior executives as well as career coaching for mid-level managers to enhance their leadership capacity as they reflect on their individual leadership in the context of the myriad challenges they grapple with as media leaders on a daily basis. Coachees benefit from 5 one-hour coaching sessions conducted over five months to craft strategies and generate solutions for their leadership challenges (executive coaching), or to build their 3-to-5 year Career Roadmaps (career coaching).

Strategic Management & Leadership

We work with media leaders on how to update their operating know-how to adapt to and anticipate the continuous changes in technology, regulation, and audience behaviour. The emerging leader in the media industry must perceive change, distinguish their importance and then decide how the organisation should adapt. This module helps emerging leaders look at themselves as instruments of change while developing practical approaches to manage processes, people and profit.

Our Experts

We are proud to count more than 40 experts and trainers from 20 markets throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East as well as Europe and North America. Many have at one point progressed through WIN Advisory or Accelerator programmes themselves. All are assured to be culturally and gender aware, having undergone internal training on the subjects above, as well as specifically tailored capacity building support on how to be at ease in the arena of online training formats. You may find some of our experts here.

Our Format

A variety of carefully designed virtual  sessions and online modules allows participants to take part in programmes from their various locations with priority given to our target markets. In-person, as well as more intensive capacity building support for newsroom and managerial teams are also available. Are you eligible to join the WIN Advisory? Visit here to learn more. 

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