The Dr. Tikhala Chibwana Future Media Leaders’ Bursary

WAN-IFRA Women in News introduces the Dr. Tikhala Chibwana
 Future Media Leaders’ 
Bursary to support the ongoing professional development of women journalists in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab Region, and Southeast Asia.

2010-2020 Alumnae of the Women in News Accelerator are eligible for the bursary, which awards EUR2,500 to the successful applicant in order to advance their career in journalism.
One recipient from sub-Saharan Africa, one recipient from the Arab Region and one recipient from Southeast Asia will be eligible for the bursary. 
The name of the bursary honours the extraordinary contribution of the late Dr. Tikhala Chibwana, former Africa Director for the Women in News programme.

Dr. Chibwana was a staunch believer in life-long education and the importance of investing in one’s own professional development. These values guided his engagement with journalists throughout his career in the industry, as both a media manager and later as a capacity builder and gender equality advocate within the industry through his leadership role within WIN.
Interested applicants should complete the application form by 1 October 2021Members of the Women in News Steering Committee will select the successful recipients by 15 October 2021.
To apply, click here.


What kind of professional development opportunity can I apply for?
You may apply for any technical or managerial skills development training that is offered through a recognised institution and is related to the field of journalism 

What happens if the course is more expensive than the bursary? 
You will be required to cover any additional costs above and beyond the cash contribution of EUR2,500.

Is there a deadline as to when I need to enrol in the programme?
Yes. You must enrol within 3-months of receiving the bursary, unless special circumstances prevent enrolment within this timeframe.

If I am successful in receiving the bursary, is there anything expected from me in return?
Yes. You will be required to deliver a concise report on the training and value it has added to your professional journey in the media industry.

Additionally, you will be required to send to WIN, a Certificate of Completion of the programme you will participate in as credible evidence for successful completion.