Leadership Development

Women media managers continue to make up a significantly smaller proportion of senior leadership positions than their male counterparts. 2021 results drawn from the Reuters’ Institute study on the topic shows that only 22% of the top 180 editors across 240 major media brands, are women.

At the core of WIN’s work is growing the skills, support networks and career strategies of women media professionals so that they take on leadership roles, both in media, and in broader society.

We invest in leadership development because we have seen the rewards for the individual, for their media organisation, and by extension the communities they serve. Recognising that leadership is not learned in the classroom, we apply a 360-degree approach to leadership development, which includes traditional skills training, designed and delivered with gendered lens, alongside career coaching, mentoring, and networking.

"I am grateful for the opportunity that WIN gave to me through this programme, which has sharpened my career focus and helped me to become more intentional on my personal and career journey. I no longer grapple in the dark. My path is clearer and I have an idea of where I expect to be in a few years to come and what steps to take. I am a better journalist, a better editor and definitely a better manager. No doubt I am destined for Greater Things and Greater Heights! Thank you, WIN, for sparing your time and resources to prepare me."
Caroline Wafula
Regional Editor, Nation Media Group
Kenya Accelerator 2020 Alumnae

The Leadership Accelerator, WIN’s flagship programme, is an intensive, nine-month career and leadership programme for journalists and editors. It is led by regional experts – the majority of whom are drawn directly from the media industry – who serve as trainers, mentors and coaches within WIN’s rapidly expanding expert community. Approximately 150 participants from 15 countries run through the programme, annually.The Leadership Accelerator today counts more than 800 journalists and editors as alumnae of the programme. 

On average*

  • 60% of graduates report progression to more senior levels of decision making within six months of completing the Accelerator
  • 93% report they are more supported by their professional networks. 2/3rds report maintaining these networks 24 months later
  • 62% report to feeling more motivated to remain in the industry
  • 56% alumnae report to supporting other women in the industry as mentors

*Based on cumulative 2015-2020 findings

Focus areas: Newsroom Management, Change Management, HR Management, Finance (for non-finance managers), Foundations of Digital Strategy, Personal Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking and Negotiation skills. The Leadership Accelerator also fosters the development of professional support networks and mentoring.