WIN Leadership Accelerator


WIN Accelerator is an intensive, 9-month long career and leadership programme for journalists and editors working in Africa and the Arab Region. The programme accepts 100-150 applicants, annually.  

Women media professionals from the following countries are eligible to apply: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe (WIN Africa), Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine (WIN Arab Region).


‘1 in 4 who progress through the Accelerator were

promoted within 6 months of completing the programme'


We offer four things to ensure the women who take part in the programme acquire new skill sets and build their capacity: Coaching, Training, Mentoring and Networking. 


Successful applicants to the WIN Accelerator programme benefit  from the  following:

▪       Certified media management training delivered by regional 

and global experts  drawn from the WIN and WAN-IFRA extended community (80 hours)

Method: Delivered online or in-person during offsite training held nationally or regionally

▪       Professional skills training (15 hours)

Method: Delivered during national gatherings as well as online

▪       Gender balance and sexual harassment training (9 hours)

Method: Delivered during national gatherings or in-house

▪       1-1 coaching to create a 3-to-5 year career roadmap (8 hours)

Method: Coach and mentee meet individually on five occasions

▪       Facilitated group mentoring with peers (4-6 hours)

Method: Delivered during national gatherings

▪       Experience in mentoring future media leaders

and young professionals (6-8 hours)

Method: Delivered in university classrooms or at national gatherings

▪       Media exchanges* (3-4 days)

Method: Participants are hosted by their peers media organizations in neighbouring markets

▪       Job and support networks, both national and regional

Method: Virtual networks connect women via Facebook, WhatsApp and LinkedIn.

Participants connect in person at national gatherings, regional summits and other events

Who can apply

The WIN Accelerator is targeted at mid to senior level editors and senior journalists in WIN’s intervention markets. Participants must have 2-3 years management experience and be working in the media sector – print or digital newspapers, radio and, in some cases, broadcast.