About Women In News

Women in News (WIN) empowers women journalists and editors to contribute to the editorial agenda and progress to greater levels of decision making within their media. It also works to change institutional bottlenecks to the advancement of women media executives by creating champions and educators from within the media industry.

Women in news aims to achieve this through targeted capacity building actions combined with a partnership-driven approach to advocacy, emphasising education, sensitisation and practical tools.

In 2015 and 2016, Women in News will run in Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, with targeted activities also taking place in South Africa, Uganda and Somalia. Women in News also expanded its efforts outside of Sub-Saharan Africa, with regional activities launching in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. WAN-IFRA hopes to further expand its activities in 2017 and beyond.

Per year, a total of 75 participants from Sub-Saharan Africa, and 25 participants from MENA may enrol in WIN capacity building. WAN-IFRA will target 60-75 media through its advocacy efforts, encouraging them to become WIN Partners. The programme targets print and digital media.

Capacity building activities include:

  • Certified media management training programme
  • One-on-one Coaching to create the 3-to-5 year career roadmap
  • Group mentoring between participants
  • Mentoring to future leaders from within participants’ local communities
  • Media exchanges
  • Mentoring with leading global editors
  • Networking opportunities through regional and global conferences.

Advocacy activities include:

  • Roundtable series with top management within media to sensitize the industry
  • Practical handbooks on best practices in gender equality, reducing gender bias in the news, and safety
  • Regional Leadership Awards to recognise outstanding women editors
  • Annual forums at WAN-IFRA global events
  • Gender diversity best practice centre

WAN-IFRA’s advocacy activities are guided by the Gender and Media Freedom Steering Committee, which is made up of leading editors and publishers from countries where Women in News is active. For more on the Steering Committee click here.

The need to engage with the industry on the issue of gender mainstreaming is not restricted to WAN-IFRA’s target countries within the regions of Southern Africa and MENA. WAN-IFRA’s unique position as a representative organ of the global media industry presents an opportunity to bring the issue of gender mainstreaming to the global stage. Throughout 2016 and 2019, WAN-IFRA will hold a series of open forums to share it learning, tool kits and activities with the global media community to educate and engage the industry on gender mainstreaming.

WIN is operated by WAN-IFRA, the leading association for the world’s press, with combined support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.