Over a 100 Media Executives attend Women in News Roundtable in Gaza


As part of Women in News Program of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) and its continuous activities, a round-table took place in Gaza, Palestine earlier this month on March 12, 2017.

More than  120 media executives, media houses’ representatives and journalists gathered at the Light House restaurant in Gaza to discuss the situation of women in Palestinian newsrooms, more specifically in Gaza, and discuss the current challenges female journalists are facing in the media industry.

The following facts and challenges female journalists in Gaza face were listed during the discussion:

  • Due to the current situation in Gaza, there are not enough job opportunities for female journalists.
  • Most media organizations are affiliated to political parties. Therefore, they prefer hiring individuals who are members of these parties.
  • The support of the private sector is very limited.
  • A large number of journalists are not full time employees, they rather work occasionally depending on events.
  • Training opportunities available for journalists in international organizations are very limited due to the siege.

Consequently, a list of recommendations was agreed on to improve the situation of women in Gaza’s newsrooms. Attendees confirmed the need to encourage journalists to attend trainings, to inspire media organizations to collaborate with civil society actors to find more job opportunities for female journalists, to create and develop the private sector’s media platforms, to encourage journalists to unify their media discourse, set priorities of needs and creative ideas and suggest solutions.


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