WIN Graduate heads Sunday Mail Newspaper in Zambia

By Brenda Zulu

Emelda Libanga“As editor, I have the power to shape public opinion, influence decisions and transform lives.” Three years ago when WIN Graduate Emelda Libanga joined the Women In News (WIN) programme, she was subeditor at the Zambia Daily Mail. Today she is editor of the Sunday Mail, a position that brings about many more challenges and responsibilities, but also the possibility for real impact and change.

“I was privileged to participate in the WIN programme. I learnt there is a winner in me and that the sky is not even the limit,” says Libanga.

In terms of challenges she faces as an editor, Libanga says most reporters are still inexperienced and cannot take on demanding assignments.

“The other hurdle that I need to overcome for now is to change the mentality of my staff, especially those who’ve been in the establishment for a long time. Most of them seem content with average performance. The other challenge is how to get round inadequate resources to produce the best results for the organisation,” says Libanga. [Read more...]

LinkedIn for WINners

By Maimbolwa Mulikelela

win zambia 2011 picIn the past couple of months, a number of you Women In News participants (WINners) have been in one way or the other busy trying to make professional contacts on LinkedIn.

Firstly, it is important to note that there are a number of social networking sites such as Face Book and Twitter among others, offering a wide range of platforms for people to stay in touch. LinkedIn is a free business social networking site that allows users who register to create professional profiles that are visible to others.

Through the sites, individuals can then maintain a list of known contacts and connections and it is indeed important for us as the WINNERS in the marketing, financial and editorial departments to be part of this dynamic platform because it offers business opportunities, career advancements and news ideas as well as keeping in touch with other media networks. [Read more...]