WIN investigates with Des Erasmus

By Estelle de Bruyn

estelledebruynA veteran journalist with more than 50 years experience in the newsroom, Des Erasmus, was the guest speaker at a recent National Gathering of the Namibian Women in News group. As we identified investigative reporting as one of the topics we wanted to learn more about, we invited Des to our meeting.

In his presentation he paid tribute to the role of women in the news. “In the world of newspapers it took ages to discover the abilities of women. Today they have been discovered being the editors of Huisgenoot (a very popular South African magazine),Rapport (the Afrikaans language Sunday newspaper in South Africa) and many more across the borders and overseas.

“Here in Namibia we are keeping up with women as editors of our biggest dailies – Gwen Lister (The Namibian), Marietjie van Staden (Agriforum) and at last our own Estelle de Bruyn (Republikein),” Des said. [Read more...]

The power of Career Roadmapping: Emelda’s perspective

By Emelda Libanga

Emelda LibangaFrom the time I decided to take up journalism as my career, one thing I was sure of was that I wanted to excel and be an influential voice in the media industry and society as a whole.

After graduating from university, I was convinced I had done what needed to be done to excel in my career.  With a bachelor of Mass Communication degree in my arms I reclined into my career hammock and began to swing as I waited for opportunities to present themselves on a silver platter. To my disappointment, things did not turn out the way I expected.  As captain of my career ship I abandoned my duty of steering to reach my desired destination.

But thanks to the Women in News programme for awakening me from slumber by introducing me and other participants to Career Roadmapping. One of its robust activities is to equip media women with strategies, skills and confidence to excel in their careers. [Read more...]