Tapping into our talents

By Maimbolwa Mulikelela

WIN 2011 LaunchOver the years, it seems that the concept of ‘Tapping into our talents’ has come to the forefront of our business conversations. We talk about talent; we select for talent, and we even have entire departments devoted to the management of talent. But what truly is talent?

When we talk about talent, there are a variety of outlooks we can take. A talent is a special natural ability or a capacity for achievement or success.

It is important to note that in many organisations, talent is more complicated to understand. We’ve all come across people who have both the ability and capacity to be successful, but are not for some reason. While some people may argue that this is a case of wasted talent, I think that it is more complicated than that. [Read more...]

“I am driven by the feeling that I am living a purposeful life”

By Chandapiwa Baputaki

thami ngubeni“Never take short cuts because they will take you longer than intended,” this are the words of former Oprah Magazine Editor, Thami Ngubeni.

In her late thirties, bubbly and easy going Ngubeni said this when giving a keynote address to participants of a groundbreaking leadership programme for African women working in the media held at Indaba Hotel, Johannesburg South Africa.

Ngubeni told the women that they are their own authors and none should dictate to them what they should do. “You influence others through the work that you do and what you should ask yourself is what influence you have on others,” Ngubeni said. [Read more...]