A quick glance at WIN Lebanon’s second Media Executives Roundtable


Following previous advocacy events in Lebanon that aim at gathering media executives who are involved in Women in News program in Lebanon, a roundtable for editors in chief and representatives of several media organizations in Lebanon took place on Monday, April 24, 2017 at Le Vendome Hotel in Beirut.

After an open discussion between present media actors about gender inequalities in the newsrooms, a draft of a gender agreement was discussed. This gender agreement will be presented to different media organizations in Lebanon to be signed. The signee organizations will be committed to raising awareness and advocating for gender equality within their media organization. The signature of this document will be followed by individual meetings with Human Resource Departments at the concerned media organizations to work towards implementing this gender agreement that includes a sexual harassment policy.

Media executives who attended the Roundtable are: Iyad Mousalli (Lebanese Editor’s syndicate), Dalal Saoud (The Arab Weekly), Batoul Khalil (Al Modon Electronic newspaper), Najat El Gemayel (Lebanese Forces Website), Rola Abdallah (Al Mustaqbal newspaper) and Sabine El Hajj (Al Joumhouriya Newspaper).

The Roundtable was also attended by Nadim Ladki (The Daily Star newspaper and Steering committee member of Women in News in Lebanon), Fatemah Farag (Women in News MENA Director) and Myra Abdallah (Women in News MENA Program Manager).

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