Command the space – Female Journalists urged

By Onai Petra Paswani-Abote

Paula Fray

Women journalists have been urged to be bold and negotiate themselves in the work force at the second Women in News (WIN) national gathering held in Harare, Zimbabwe on Friday 16 May 2014.

This comes after a realisation  that most women in the workplace find it hard to negotiate working conditions such as salaries and benefits, leaving most working out of what their job descriptions stipulate, resulting in  underpayments .

Paula Fray, WIN’s lead trainer and Managing Director of  Frayintermedia urged participants to be bold and confident. She stressed  the importance of negotiating in the workplace and said one should not underestimate herself.

She said “leaders don’t sit there and allow themselves to be invisible…they take action and make sure they speak out.” [Read more...]